January 20, 2013

Ten commandments


1 Thou shall have no other gods before me, PHALLUS.
2 Thou shall love thy neighbor and his penis, balls and asshole as thyself and your penis, balls and asshole.
3 Thou shall masturbate every day as much as you possibly can.
4 Thou shall suck as many cocks from as many men as you can whenever you can.
5 Thou shall drink every drop of the holy cum from all the penises that you suck. 6 Thou shall fuck and be fucked in the mouth and asshole as much as you can and for as long and with as many men as possible
7 Thou shall always keep your mind full of thoughts of penis, cum and piss.
8 Thou shall not discriminate among men and their penises; thou shall worship every single cock of every man regardless of race, color, creed, nationality, etc.
9 Thou shall always consider your balls and the balls of every man as sacred vessels containing the juice of life (pure semen) and caress and lick them regularly with dedication.
10 Thou shall kiss, lick and rim the asshole of every man you have sex with